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Nautilus Compact Horn 12 Volt - Black cover with silver compressor
Designed for use motorcycles, cars, trucks,on/off road vehicles and any other areas that have 12 V input and require very loud 139 dB sound. Pleasing twin-tone sound and very loud.
Nautilus Compact low frequency - highway truck sound - Horn 12 Volt - Black
Very loud 300 cycle frequency - sounds like a low note truck horn.
Nautilus Compact Horn 12 Volt - Chrome, silver compressor
Designed for severe usage in the motorcycle,car, truck and on/off road vehicle markets. Pleasing twin-tone, very loud 139 dB sound.
Rust Inhibitor 4G
'The RUST INHIBITOR 4G' is a high energy low amperage capacitive discharge unit designed to meet the needs of all vehicle owners wishing to keep corrosion from forming on their vehicles. This unit meets FCC, E13 and C-TICK regulations, US%2
Compact Nautilus split compressor/sound unit
Sound unit and compressor independitly mounted and connected with plastic tubing.
Wiring Harness
Wiring harness for horns
Compact Nautilus Black with silver compressor
139 dB compact air horn, 12 volt